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From the beginning of the existence of our congregation, our main apostolate is evangelization through holistic education for the young and uplifting the dignity of women.

Since 1928, our sisters, in carrying out the vision of our founder Bishop Joseph Shanahan CSSP of the blessed memory, established schools in different parts of Nigeria.

In continuation of this ministry, on 21st September, 2008 we established this young school in this village of Dukpa in Gwagwalada Area Council, FCT. The school took off on that day with the arrival of the 30 students. The joy of the entire world wide was completed as this marked our new beginning of education since after the Biafran war.

The school commenced with a total of 29 staff, who all contributed greatly to the growth of the new school. Although some of the facilities needed were not yet in place, we were able to work with the little we had at that time. The school started with two storey building, a part of it served as the school block while the other part was the dormitory.

The contributions of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary, some foreign donors like Misean Cara in Ireland, benefactors, PTA and some people we transact with, contributed greatly to the growth of the school. Today, we have a storey dormitory block of 720 student’s capacity, refectory of 1000 capacity also a storey building, well equipped laboratories and others. With the support and cooperation of Department of Policy and implementation (DPI) through our Zonal Education Office (ZEO) Gwagwalada, the school was accredited to present candidates for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), thus the academic life of the school was maintained to the required level.

The spiritual life of this school was not left unattended. Through the help of John Cardinal Onaiyekan, the Archbishop of Abuja Archdiocese, The Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSP) were entrusted with the responsibility of foreseeing the spiritual growth of our students. We remain grateful to the MSPs’ for their selfless services.

With the contributions above and God on our side we are moving forward. The performance of these graduands in the JSCE in 2011 and other competitions the have attended is giving us hope that their SSCE 2014 result we are expecting will be fine.

While we carry out the ministry of evangelization through education as propounded by our founder, we join in the powerful prayer he made; “May every girl who enters this school reproduce in her life the virtues practiced by our lady faith, humility, immaculate purity, love, patience, goodness in all its forms. May the blessing of Jesus Christ ever come to, and remain with every little girl who enters this school. May every girl who enters this school enter one day the gates of heaven”.

Sr Stella Nwosu

School Principal

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